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This indispensable business success guide is for those thinking about starting a business, those desiring to save a failing business, and those desiring to grow an existing business, and succeed. 
David Presnell shares his forty years of extensive business experience in “Business Success: The Comprehensive Problem-Solving Guide to Starting & Running a Successful Business”. 
This in-depth work is a hands-on business creation and operation manual and a powerful working study of the psychology of starting and running a business successfully! You will also learn seventy-one tested solutions to avoid failure in your new business. In this easy-to-use book you will: 
• Discover the truth about why businesses fail or succeed 
• Learn from the mistakes others have made and learn specifically how to not make the same mistakes 
• Discover the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways to raise money and learn how to use your money for maximum success 
• Learn how to thoroughly research and test your ideas so you will know exactly what will work and what will not 
• Become highly skilled in the ability to sell yourself and your ideas with powerful, proven methods that work 
• Learn how to obtain and train excellent employees and unique ways to deal with the terrible ones 
• Discover powerful, unique methods to manage your business, your employees and your customers with confidence and leadership 
• Develop unique and powerful techniques to conquer your competition and take their competitive power away 
• Determine who your Ideal Potential Customers are and how to satisfy their needs and wants better than your competition does 
If that’s not enough to help you succeed, David shows you how to create and implement powerful business strategies and action plans, including: 
• How to create powerful Advertising Plans that will lead you to success through the development of your Strategic Advertising Action Guide 
• How to create a working Business Plan and Strategic Operating Guide that will direct you to success 
• The development of your unique Business Creation and Operations Outline will walk you step-by-step through the research, testing, development, startup, operations, growth and success of your new business 
This book will become your business operating manual and your first line of defense when problems arise! Purchase and implement this must-have business resource today! It will quickly become your written success partner and your road map to success. 
Implementing just one of the powerful principles found in this book can put a lot of money in your bank account! Put all the principles in this book to work and your probabilities of success will increase, dramatically! If you are ready to stop working for others and start your own business, or you are trying to restructure a failing business, buy this book now! You will be making a great decision on your road to success!



Business Success: The Comprehensive

Problem-Solving Guide to Starting & Running a

Successful Business: Seventy Tested Solutions to

Avoid Failure, Grow, Profit & Succeed

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